Ketubah from 1890 Kashan (Persia)

IMG_0043“Marriage Contract. Uniting Reuven ben Moshe with Serach, daughter of Yechezkel. Manuscript in Hebrew, composed in Persian Hebrew square and cursive script on paper. Text within colorful triangular panels surrounded by rectangular blocs, red, orange, yellow and green predominating in floral motifs, with sidebar illuminated with geometrical motif. Folds with a few slight tears. 17 x 13.5 inches. Framed in glass 23 x 27 inches. Kashan (Persia), 17th Cheshvan, 1890.

Kashan is an ancient city located in the the province of Isfahan, Iran. Although reputed for its Jewish poets, at the close of the 19th-century there lived in Kashan no more than some 150 Jewish families in the midst of 30,000 Muslim inhabitants.” (Fine Judaica, Kestenbaum & Company, 2015)

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