New Ketubah from Rome, Italy, 1857

New Kebutah

Marriage contract, manuscript, ink and paint on vellum, dated 26th of
Av 5617 at Roma (1857), 79 x 45 cm.

Bridegroom: Matsliaḥ ben Mosheh Eliyahu mi-Ṿeroli.

Bride: Gratsya bat Aharon Menifi.

Witnesses: Ḥayim ben Avraham and one other.

The text is written in Italian block letters and is enclosed in a double border with sections framed in red. On the top, in the center register are two figures from biblical times who are appear to be serving wine. On either side are two images relating to the biblical story of the binding of Isaac (Gen. 22:2-14). On the bottom, in the center, are two figures in contemporary attire also serving celebratory drinks.

On either side, are images of two couples dressed in contemporary dress, who appear to be bridal couples.

side left side right

Other sections contain decorative elements including rams horns, doves, coats of arms, flowers and geometric designs.

The bottom is scalloped with a stylized vase in the center of the triangle, which is typical of ketubot from Rome.


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