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Experimental Philosophy

These papers discuss the new field of ‘experimental philosophy.’ The first and third papers address metaphilosophical questions about the aims of experimental philosophy, while the second and fourth review recent work in the field.

Knobe, J. & Nichols, S. (2008). An Experimental Philosophy Manifesto. In Knobe, J. & Nichols, S. (ed.) Experimental Philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press, p. 3-14.

A defense of the practice of experimental philosophy. Argues that experimental philosophy is best understood as a return to a more ‘traditional’ conception of philosophy that preceded contemporary analytic approaches.

Knobe, J. (forthcoming). Experimental Philosophy is Cognitive Science. In Sytsma, J. & Buckwalter, W. (eds.) A Companion to Experimental Philosophy. Blackwell.

Knobe, J., Buckwalter, W., Nichols, S., Robbins, P., Sarkissian, H. & Sommers, T. (2011). Experimental Philosophy. Annual Review of Psychology 63.

Knobe, J. (2007). Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Significance. Philosophical Explorations, 10: 119-122.

Knobe, J. (2004). What Is Experimental Philosophy? The Philosophers’ Magazine., 28.

French translation by Raphaël Verchère and Luc-Etienne de Boyer des Roches:
Knobe, J. Qu’est-ce que la philosophie expérimentale? REPHA 2, 49-53.

Knobe, J. (2007). Experimental Philosophy. Philosophy Compass 2 (1):81–92.

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