Currently Associate Professor at the College of Wooster, Jonathan Guez earned a Ph.D from Yale University in 2015.  His dissertation, “Schubert’s Recapitulation Scripts,” was co-advised by James Hepokoski and Patrick McCreless.

Guez’s work on Schubert has appeared in several articles, such as “The ‘Mono-Operational’ Recapitulation in Movements by Beethoven and Schubert” (Music Theory Spectrum 40/2); “Toward a Theory of Recapitulatory Tonal Alterations” (Journal of Music Theory 63/2); “Recapitulatory Compressions in Some Vocal and Instrumental Works by Schubert” (Music Theory Online 26/2); and “Process and Pendulum in Schubert’s Expanded Type 1 Sonatas” (forthcoming in Music Analysis). “Toward a Theory of Recapitulatory Tonal Alterations” was a finalist for the Society of Music Theory’s Emerging Scholar Award.

A review of the 2016 collection Rethinking Schubert is published in Music Theory Online 23/3. A review of Lauri Suurpää’s Death in Winterreise is published in Music Analysis 34/3 pp. 410-424.

Guez has published several pedagogical resources (at Music Theory Pedagogy Online). A workbook for the aural skills classroom—working title: Dictation—is currently under review.

In 2019, Guez was invited to serve on the editorial board of Music Theory Online. In 2020, he became Associate Editor of that journal.

He is currently the faculty adviser for several student groups at the College of Wooster and is “Fighting Scots Partner” for men’s and women’s tennis.

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