Sound and Script in Chinese Diaspora. Harvard University Press, 2010.
1. Literary Governance (PDF)
2. Chinese Lessons
3. Lin Yutang’s Typewriter (PDF)
4. Bilingual Loyalty
5. Chen Jitong’s “World Literature”
6. The Missing Script of Taiwan
7. Look-Alikes and Bad Relations
8. The Elephant in the Room

Failure, Nationalism, and Literature: The Making of Modern Chinese Identity, 1895-1937. Stanford University Press, 2005.
1. Failure and Identity (PDF)
2. The Yellow Race
3. The Menace of Race
4. Loving the Nation, Preserving the Race
5. The Quest for Beauty and Notions of Femininity
6. Community of Expiation: Confession, Masochism, and Masculinity
7. Kumen, Cultural Suffering (PDF)
Conclusion: The Emergence of Culture in Failure

Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s-1940s. Co-edited with Benjamin A. Elman. Brill, 2014.
1. Introduction, Jing Tsu and Benjamin A. Elman (PDF)
2. Toward a History of Modern Science in Republican China, Benjamin A. Elman
3. Historiography of Science and Technology in China, Iwo Amelung
4. Disciplining the National Essence, Joachim Kurtz
5. Science in Translation, Shen Guowei
6. Chinese Scripts, Codes, and Typewriting Machines, Jing Tsu (PDF)
7. Semiotic Sovereignty, Thomas S. Mullaney
8. Proofreading Science, Eugenia Lean
9. The Controversy over Spontaneous Generation in Republican China, Fa-ti Fan
10. Bridging East and West through Physics, Danian Hu
11. Periodical Space, Grace Shen
12. Operatic Escapes, Hugh Shapiro

Global Chinese Literature: Critical Essays. Co-edited with David Der-wei Wang. Brill, 2010.
1. Introduction: Global Chinese Literature, Jing Tsu and David Der-wei Wang (PDF)
2. Minor Sinophone Literature, Kim Chew Ng
3. Against Diaspora, Shu-mei Shih
4. Global Vision and Locatedness, Sau-ling C. Wong
5. (Re)mapping Sinophone Literature, Kim Tong Tee
6. Sinophonics and the Nationalization of Chinese, Jing Tsu
7. Alai and the Linguistic Politics of Internal Diaspora, Carlos Rojas
8. Thinking with Food, Writing off Center, Rey Chow
9. In Search of a Genuine Chinese Sound, David Der-wei Wang
10. Reinventing Chinese Writing, Andrea Bachner
11. Chinese Literature in the Global Canon, Julia Lovell
12. Commentary, Eric Hayot

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