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Paleo-Related or African History/Archaeology-Related (External) PhD/Job Postings and Funding Opportunities

Sources of funding and/or scholarship for African scholars in the paleosciences: 

Francis H. Brown African Scholarship for human origins-related research in geology and/or botany

Baldwin Fellowships to support postgraduate education for scholars in countries with limited resources

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University visiting scholars program

Center for the Study of Africa and the African Diaspora at New York University postdoctoral fellowship

University of Cambridge and the Mastercard Foundation: students from economically marginalised communities in Africa to study for a Master’s course at Cambridge

Beit Trust Postgraduate Scholarships: students from Malawi, Zambia, or Zimbabwe to study for a Master’s degree in the UK

Fox Fellowship for a one-year exchange between Yale and a student from the University of Ghana or University of Cape Town

German Research Foundation funds short term research visits by African Postdoctoral scholars with a duration of 3 months to a research institution in Germany.

There is also a comprehensive list of Postdoctoral opportunities across multiple sciences (some way out of area) maintained here.


As I see funded PhD positions and job postings for early-career researchers, I will post them here. 

This list is not comprehensive and will rapidly become out of date! However, hopefully it can be a resource for someone who happens across my page. 

Most of these come from listservs you can also join! E.g.,

Society for Africanist Archaeologists


October 2023

University of Johannesburg: P-RI 2024 call for DHET NESP Master’s programme

Yale University, Department of Anthropology: Assistant Professor, Environmental Archaeology of Complex Societies

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Anthropology: Assistant Professor in Anthropological Archaeology

September 2023

ROCEEH: The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is seeking a Research Associate for the project “The Role of Culture in Early Expansions of Humans” at the work place of the University of Tübingen

Anthropology Department at Washington University in St. Louis: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Archaeology of Human-Environmental Interactions, Climate Change, or Sustainability

Department of Anthropology at University of Pittsburgh: Bioarchaeologist or biomedical anthropologist with preference for a researcher working in Africa or on the Africa Diaspora. Closing date for applications is October 20.

August 2023

Rice University: Tenure-track Assistant Professor archaeologist focused on the African Diaspora in the Americas. Application deadline is October 15

New York University, Department of Anthropology: Tenure-track position in Archaeology. Regional specialization open, preference for scholars working on sociopolitical complexity in the Holocene and Later Pleistocene records.

July 2023

Palaeo-Research Institute, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg: Postdoctoral Fellowship with an interest in pursuing a career in early hominin evolution and related topics.

June 2023

ICArEHB (Universidade do Algarve): PhD Fellowships on the MSA/LSA in Mozambique for ERC project entitled DISPERSALS. These are: Paleobotanics, Isotopic studies, Modelling and data science.

May 2023

University of Texas – Arlington: Visiting Assistant Professor in Archaeology

McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge: Research Fellowship in Archaeology for post-holders of Black Identity or Heritage

March 2023

Northwestern University: Postdoctoral fellow in archaeobotany for project “Environmental Histories of Food Security in Africa” (due 30 April, links to email address for more information)

University of Bergen, Norway: Postdoctoral position in South African geoarchaeology

University of Bergen, Norway: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Middle Stone Age African Archaeology

Professorship in African archaeology at the University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln)

LaTrobe University PhD scholarship as part of the ‘Wi, Walla-Walla, Cajella: Fire, Flood, and Food in northern Victoria’ project

January 2023

2023-2024 Postdoctoral Research Associate in African Material Science and History

November 2022

Cambridge University: 18-month post-doc in southern African lithic technology

Oxford University: Associate Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology

October 2022

Early Prehistory & Quaternary Ecology at the University of Tübingen: 3 x PhD positions

Harvard University: Assistant Professor in Archaeology (focus on hunter-gatherers/Paleolithic)

ICArEHB (Algarve, Portugal): FOUR post-doctoral positions, one each in Paleobotanics, Paleoproteomics/Biomarkers, Isotope Studies, and Data Science/Modelling (each FIVE years!)

James Madison University: Assistant Professor in Biological Anthropology

September 2022

University of Bergen, Norway (PhD): Middle Stone Age Lithics

University of Bergen, Norway (PhD): Middle Stone Age material culture (southern Africa)

University of Texas at Austin: Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology

George Washington University (Washington, D.C.): Post-doc in Evolutionary Anthropology



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