About the Study

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This study seeks to determine if boil water precautions enforced by the City of Jackson are protective of human health or increasing residents’ exposure to lead.

Study Goals:

  1. Characterize water quality by analyzing bacteriological and metallic properties in household and facility tap sources.
  2. Quantify exposure levels among vulnerable populations (children under 6, pregnant and/or nursing women,
    and elderly aged 65 and over).
  3. Understand resident attitudes and perceptions about water supply and governance.

Study Methods:

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Water Sample Collection:

Water samples will be collected from kitchen and bathroom sinks. Water samples will also be boiled to understand if any changes occur to its properties. Samples will undergo laboratory analysis by EPA-certified labs for quantification of bacteriological (total coliform & Escheria coli), metallic (lead copper, iron, zinc), and quality (chlorine & sulfate) properties.

Qualitative Surveying:

Study participants will complete a digital survey where they will answer questions about their water quality and intermittent supply (e.g., disruptions or no service), the impact of water disruptions, and their current attitudes and perceptions about their water supply.

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You are Eligible to Participate if…

  1. Your household has at least one pregnant or nursing woman
  2. Your household has at least one person aged 65 years or older
  3. Your household has at least one child aged 5 or less
  4. Your Early Education Facility serves children ages 5 and under (including daycare centers)
  5. Your Retirement community / Nursing Home serves more than 60% of the residents aged 65 years or older
  6. All locations are in Jackson, MS [Wards 1 – 7], or a part of Jackson’s Municipal Water Supply in Byram, MS