Stacey Sacks Dec 2021

Fleshy Cartoons in Dialogue with the Already and Not Yet Dead

[[Event Cancelled]]


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Stacey Sacks studied Performance and Social Anthropology at the University of Cape Town and later completed the MA program ‘A Year of Physical Comedy’ at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art in 2012. Sacks is co-author of The Clown Manifesto (Oberon/Bloomsbury, 2015) and recently completed a PhD in Performative and Media Based Practices at Stockholm University of the Arts. The fragmented texts emerging from this exploration are collectively entitled SQUIRM (the book, 2020), and are freely available online on the Research Catalogue (see links below).

Interested in trans-generational and intra-cultural haunting, Sacks experiments with auto-ethnography and productive discomfort in multi-modal ways, attempting to discover sharper ways of giving attention, making safe space for generative failure. Via a series of trans-disciplinary corporeal and material experiments, the research at root asks the question: how do I mobilize my positionality as a privileged body in the anti-colonial conversation?

Luxurious migrant // performing whiteness:

SQUiRM etc:

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