October 15 — Emily Coates and Sarah Demers

Physics and Dance  

Emily Coates is a dancer, writer, choreographer, lecturer, and director of the dance curriculum in Theater Studies at Yale, while Sarah Demers is a particle physicist and assistant professor of Physics at Yale. Together, the two will deliver a dialogic presentation entitled “Physics and Dance.” Concerning their PSWG talk, they write   What does a true dialogue between dance and physics look like?  In our presentation, we will traverse macro and subatomic rules of motion, placing these into conversation with choreographic aesthetics that range from George Balanchine’s reinvention of the pirouette to the Higgs boson discovery.   Emily and Sarah’s current projects include “Discovering the Higgs through Physics, Dance, and Photography,” undertaken with funding from the Greater New Haven Arts Council’s REINTEGRATE initiative. They co-teach PHYS 115/THST 115, “The Physics of Dance,” and are in the process of co-authoring an interdisciplinary course book on physics and dance, forthcoming from Yale University Press.

* * Please note the room change for our October 15 meeting. We will meet in Room 116 of the Whitney Humanities Center, at 53 Wall Street, from 1pm to 2pm. * *