Joseph Roach named 2013 ATHE Oscar Brockett Outstanding Teacher

Congratulations to Joseph Roach, Sterling Professor of Theater and English and Principle Investigator of IPSY, who was recently named the recipient of the 2013 Oscar Brockett Outstanding Teacher Award by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE). This award “honors a college-level faculty member whose superiority as a teacher of theatre is recognized by students and colleagues,” and among other qualities is “known for supporting multiculturalism and diversity in theatre and/or education.”

Nominators’ Citation: “For those of us nominating him here, and for the legions more whom Joe has taught—he has forever marked us. We quote him in our syllabi, steal his ideas for our own classes, invoke him in our writing, dedicate our own work to him, and enjoy our ongoing correspondence. In short, he has changed each one of us, and the way we think about performance and the academy—but also ourselves and our worlds. He has made us better world citizens, and our gratitude is immense. We recognize him for his contributions to our field, and now, especially, to higher education. Joseph Roach the tremendous scholar is to us our Joe, and we nominate him with great warmth and enthusiasm for ATHE’s Outstanding Teacher of Theatre in Higher Education.”

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