Elise Morrison

Elise Morrison, IPSY Postdoctoral Associate, Lecturer


Elise received her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from Brown University in 2011.

Her book project, Discipline and Desire: Surveillance, Feminism, Performance, looks at artists who strategically employ technologies of surveillance to create performances and installations that pose new and different ways of interacting with and understanding apparatuses of surveillance.

Elise has taught courses on this topic as a Lecturer on Dramatic Arts at Harvard University, where she also worked as the Associate Director for Speaking Instruction and Preceptor in Expository Writing.  She is co-editing a special issue on “Digital Performance and Pedagogy” for theInternational Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media (Intellect), forthcoming in fall 2012.

As a practicing artist, Elise has performed a number of surveillance art pieces on the public thoroughfares of New York, Providence and the INTERNET, and, in collaboration with Molly Flynn and Michelle Carriger, created the live music-performance events Cabaret Murderess (2007) and Mirror Stage (2008).  She was a Resident Artist at Perishable Theatre in Providence, RI from 2009-2011, where she taught acting, appeared in numerous productions, including Sweet Disaster (2008), Biography of a Constellation (2008), Anna Bella Eema (2009), and the burlesque cabaret Jingle Belles and a Few Balls (2009, 2010), and developed original mixed media cabaret work.  She is currently developing a ‘Surveillance Cabaret’ in collaboration with Sleeping Weazel artist’s collective in Boston.  Elise is thrilled to be joining the Interdisciplinary Performance Studies program at Yale!