Open Sesame!

This week was marked by the delivery of our 10 foot rollup doors!  These doors will provide access for large objects to enter the studio spaces.  In other news, the catwalk had its mesh sides installed.  The partition beam and motor were encased in sheetrock.  A few of the project rooms have gotten a fresh coat of paint.  All of the sprinkler heads in the Imaging Lab were replaced.  Ductwork and electrical continue at a steady pace.

The new rollup door between the hallway and the warehouse space has been installed. I got to try the manual release!

Carpenters on a scissor lift are installing sheetrock that will encase the steel beams which will support the partition wall between Studios 1 and 2.

In the foreground, the catwalk stands proudly with its new mesh sides. A taper stands on a scissor lift and tapes the sheetrock around the partition track. In the background, a tinknocker installs ductwork in Studio 1.

George and Steve discuss the insulation which will prevent condensation from the ducts.

Sprinkler heads get replaced with new ones.

Steve Saunders, Project Superintendent, tests the tensile strength of the easel peg holes.

Studio 3 gets a coat of grey paint.

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