Just hanging around…

This week the team has been hanging a variety of items around the Imaging Lab.  In anticipation of receiving our light fixtures, the electricians have hung the support chains from the ceiling in Studio 3.  The track for the partition wall has arrived and is currently being installed.  One opening for the last door installation has been raised in height to accommodate the new coiling doors. Duct work continues at a steady pace.

Chains hang from the ceiling of Studio 3 demonstrating where the light fixtures will be mounted.

The upper track of the partition wall has been attached to the recently installed steel beam. This track will allow the partition wall to open and close smoothly between Studio 1 and Studio 2.

Two carpenters frame the doorway that will lead from Studio 1 and Project Room 4 to the loading dock. The doorway was raised to 10 feet to accommodate the new coiling doors that will be installed in the Imaging Lab.

New ducts awaiting installation in Studio 2.

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