Pipes, conduits, ducts — Oh My!

Things are moving forward this week in the Imaging Lab.  Copper heating pipes were installed through the office space.  New conduit has been installed that will hold the data and electrical lines for all of the Imaging Lab. Installation of ductwork continues.

Here are some photos of the progress!

These newly installed copper pipes will not only heat the Imaging Lab but they will reheat the air to reduce humidity.

Ductwork connection over the office space in the Imaging Lab.

On the left, a pipefitter is installing copper pipe between Studio 3 and the office area of the Imaging Lab. On the right, an electrician is trying to set up the electrical wires for Studio 3 on a scissor lift 20 feet in the air.

New conduit that will soon hold data and electrical lines was attached to the ceiling in Studio 1 and Studio 2.

Sheet rock being installed on the wall between Studio 2 and Studio 3.


Steve Saunders, Job Site Supervisor, and Meg Bellinger, Director of YDC2, on a tour of the Imaging Lab.

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