Yale InterAsia Connections Workshop and Photo Exhibit 2017

Photo Exhibit (April 10-May 30, 2017)
Anthropocene: Coastal Societies of the Bay of Bengal
Curator: Dr. Debojyoti Das (Postdoctoral Fellow)

In this series of beautiful pictures taken in the coastal belt of India and Bangladesh, Debojyoti Das takes you on a abstract, colorful journey to make you look at mundane, everyday item through the eyes of a dreamy child.

Debojyoti Das is a Indian-born, British-based ethnographer. In today’s world where everything has been photographed to death, he often tries to photograph his subject from a different perspective to give the viewers something new and memorable. His work has been in exhibitions held in India (Indian Museum, Kolkata, South Asian University, New Delhi) and UK (Nehru Center, Indian High Commission, Sussex University).

The exhibition is supported by the Yale Macmillan Center South Asia Council, InterAsia Initiative, Department of Anthropology, and the Social Science Research Council.

Come and join the exhibition launch and reception on April 10, 2017, 5pm. The exhibition will be accessible to the public until May 30, 2017.

Venue: 10 Sachem Street, Anthropology Department (First and Basement Floor Lobbies)
Public Access Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30AM-5:00PM

Please click here for an article on the exhibit.

Please click here for a SSRC website, related to this exhibit.


Invited Workshop
Connected Landscapes: The Alternative Understanding of Asian Societies, History and Ecology

Saturday, May 6, 2017 (8:30AM–4:30PM)
Venue: 10 Sachem Street, Room 105
Convener: Debojyoti Das (Postdoctoral Fellow)

This workshop proposes to describe Asia as dynamic and connected space through historical, geographical, economic, cultural, religious and more recently ecological formations stretching across West Asia through Eurasia, South Asia and Southeast to Far East Asia. The aim of the workshop is to explore how Asian societies have communicated and engaged with one another in their endeavor to create a connected socio-cultural and historical milieu.

 Through the workshop we hope to enter a collegial conversation along a number of themes; ‘circulation, mobility and ecology’ in Asia that is central to the InterAsia research initiative.

 This InterAsia workshop 2017 will devote a single day to the discussion of six pre-circulated papers. Papers will be introduced in three thematically separated sessions and discussed by scholars from the Yale community and other workshop participants. Please click here for the program.

Participants are expected to read all papers that will be circulated in a protected manner. These working papers should not be circulated beyond the workshop members. Please e-mail inter.asia@yale.edu if you are interested in joining this workshop. 

 There will also be a concurrent, related photo exhibition in the Department of Anthropology ground and basement floor lobbies. In addition, a project webpage related to the photo exhibition, developed by Debojyoti Das and the Yale MacMillan Center, will be launched during the Connected Landscapes workshop.