Working Papers

Information Externalities, Free Riding, and Optimal Exploration in the UK Oil Industry

Trade-ins and Transaction Costs in the Market for Used Business Jets
Revise and Resubmit: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Consumer Search with Spatial Learning
With Greg Lewis


The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on the Location of Economic Activity: Railroads and Post Offices in the American West
Journal of Urban Economics, 2018, 104, 59-76.

Research in Progress

The Value of Choice in Kidney Allocation
With Nikhil Agarwal and Paulo Somaini

The Welfare Effects of Partial Vertical Integration in a Multiproduct Industry: Movie Distribution and Exhibition in China

Postdoctoral Fellow, Cowles Foundation (2019-2020)

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics (2020- )



37 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 32


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