My Language,My Passport

 Exploring Heritage Cultures Through Travel 

Sarab Al Ani 

Northern Iraq
(This picture is taken by Kurdistan)


Educational Setting:

This module can be used by Grades 6-12 students.

The Module is also suitable for postsecondary students.

General Description:

This module takes learners on a journey to destinations throughout the heritage countries. Learners read about famous tourist destinations in their heritage countries and explore cultural customs and practices related to traveling, hospitality, and food etiquette. Utilizing AI travel planning tools, students take a “virtual” tourist journey, researching, planning, and presenting their itineraries in the heritage language. The model is based on fostering the development of multiliteracy knowledge processes (situated practice; overt instruction; critical framing; and transformed practice.)

Language Levels:

Intermediate (Low, Mid & High)

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve comprehension and production skills in the target language through real-world application.
  • Develop research and critical thinking skills by exploring different cultures and travel options.
  • Enhance digital literacy skills by utilizing an AI travel planning app and other online resources.
  • Foster cultural awareness and sensitivity by researching local customs and practices.


Tasks and Activities

Suggested Materials

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Differentiated Instruction

Tips and Notes 

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