Reading the Past, Writing the Present

Modern Folktales for Heritage Learners

Sarab Al Ani

Educational Setting:

This module can be used by Grades 6-12 students.
The Module is also suitable for postsecondary students.

General Description:
This module utilizes folktales to explore cultural heritage and practice storytelling in the target language. Students will analyze classic folktales, identify key elements, and then create their own modern-day folktales reflecting their experiences.


Language Levels:

Intermediate (Low, Mid & High)

Learning objectives (Communicative Language Learning):

  • Students can identify the main idea and key information in a short straightforward fictional text (a folktale).
  • Students can identify key elements of traditional folktales (e.g., characters, setting, conflict, resolution, moral lesson). 
  • Students can summarize the main events in a folktale using sentences and a series of connected sentences.
  • Students can orally retell a short story that they have read using sentences and a series of connected sentences.
  • Students can write a short story using sentences and a series of connected sentences.
  • Students can give basic narration and description to tell a story. 
  • In their and other cultures, students can make comparisons between practices and products related to everyday life and personal interests to help them understand perspectives.
Learning objectives (Multiliteracies Pedagogy):
Information literacy
  • Learning how to create, distribute, gather, and consume information ethically and legally. This includes learning how to determine how much information is needed and how to critically evaluate it and its sources.
  • Learning to see and understand the world through different representations. This can include embracing languages and cultures, and analyzing what is being learned from a critical perspective.
  • Engaging with knowledge emotionally and creatively through various ways of expression, performance, and making. This can include questioning the complexity of culture, language, and ideas, and applying what has been learned in new contexts.
  • Developing individual and collaborative interests and abilities through the use of new digital media.

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