Exploring Immigrant Stories

Ninghui Liang

Educational Setting:

This module can be used by K6 to K16 students.

General Description:

This module will actively engage heritage students in exploring their family history by documenting immigrant stories, to bridge generational and cultural divides while fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for their heritage. Students will interview family members who have immigrated, research historical events and immigration policies, and create a final product as a multimedia anthology. This anthology will weave together oral histories, family artifacts, and artistic representations, providing a rich tapestry of immigrant experiences. To enhance their learning experience, students will utilize AI tools to expand their vocabulary and interact with AI-generated materials tailored to their individual needs. Through a blend of differentiated learning and project-based approaches, students will engage in three modes of communication, thereby fostering comprehensive language development and critical thinking skills.

Language Levels:

Intermediate (Low, Mid & High)

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance student language skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities, promoting comprehensive language development.
  • Empower students to share and celebrate their family’s immigrant experiences, recognizing the resilience and contributions of their ancestors.
  • Facilitate students in bridging generational and cultural divides, nurturing a profound sense of connection and fostering a deep appreciation for their heritage.

Tasks and Activities

Suggested Materials

Technology/AI Tools



Teaching Reflection 

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