Spring 2021 Virtual Workshop

GSIPE Workshop Series Spring 2021
Mondays at 1pm EST

18 January 2021
Lorenzo Crippa (University of Essex)
The Conditional Arm of the Law. The Effect of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention on Foreign Direct Investment

25 January 2021
Neha Upadhayay (Universite Paris Est)
Are men fighting our trade wars?

2 February 2021
Stefano Jud (Emory University)
Foreign Relief Aid and Political Attitudes: Evidence from Sierra Leone during the Ebola Epidemic

15 February 2021
Matt Malis (NYU)
Conflict, Cooperation, and Delegated Diplomacy

22 February 2021
Max Kagan (UC Berkeley)
Swinging Back: How Targeted Trade Retaliation is Viewed as Election Interference (with Stephen Chaudoin and Ryan Brutger)

1 March 2021
Frederik Heitmüller (Leiden University)
Power and limits of soft law in shaping emerging economies’ anti-tax avoidance policies

8 March 2021
Nicola Nones (University of Virginia)
Austerity and Leaders’ Occupational Background

15 March 2021
Henry Stemmler (University of Göttingen)
Your Pain, My Gain? Does Civil Conflict induce a Diversion of International Trade?

29 March 2021
Hayley Pring (Oxford University)
Does Populism Affect Trade?

5 April 2021
Alexander Kirss (George Washington University)

12 April 2021
Taylor R. Dalton (USC)
The Ties that (Un)bind: A Network Analysis of Treaty Exit

19 April 2021
Franziska Deeg (University of Cologne)
Global Aspects of Deservingness – How international trade risks and migration flows affect pension deservingness perception in Brazil

WEDNESDAY, 28 April 2021 at 2PM
Carlos Schmidt-Padilla (UC Berkeley)
Market Structure and Extortion: Evidence from 50,000 Extortion Payments

3 May 2021
Yumi Park (University of Wisconsin) and Andrew McWard (University of Wisconsin)
Inviting Arbitration: Democracies and Domestic Politics of Bilateral Investment Treaties

10 May 2021
Carlos Felipe Balcazar (NYU)
The Citizen and the State: Climate’s Impact on State-Society Relations