July 13: Obaida Shammama (Mississippi)

Monday, July 13th

Obaida Shammam (Mississippi), Aid Bypass in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes


What explains the choice of aid delivery tactics in electoral authoritarian regimes? This paper argues that providing aid through non-state actors in these regimes is favorable for donor intent to maintain political stability and recipient incumbents’ desire for political survival. Findings from analysis of aid data from 2004-2015 support the hypothesis that relative to non-electoral autocracies, authoritarian regimes characterized by multiparty elections receive proportionately greater aid through non-state actors. Moving beyond the focus on donor characteristics, this article explains how political dynamics within recipient countries affect donor choice of aid modalities. Variation in donor rationale for aid effectiveness across regime types, and subsequent differences in choice of delivery channels has growing implications for the development of recipient political institutions.

Paper below:


Aid Bypass in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes_Shammama