Lux et Veritas Lecture. Fall 2024.
    Buckley Institute
“Universality and Complexity in the Intellectual Origins of Liberalism and Conservatism.”  October 2023
   Centre for the Study of Governance & Society, King’s College London

“Frederick Douglass, Common Good Constitutionalism, and Character.” December 2022      Georgetown Center for the Constitution, Georgetown Law School.

Speech, “Resolved: Custom Over Reason.” November 2022                                                Yale Political Union, Yale University.

“Frederick Douglass and the Idea of Civil Society.” November 2022
Elm Institute (New Haven, CT).

“Titans of American Industry or Crony Capitalists?” November 2022                                       Intercollegiate Studies Institute conference, Pittsburgh, PA

“A Book Event with Gregory Collins.” October 2021
Book panel, American Enterprise Institute (Washington, DC)
“Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke’s Political Economy.” March 2021
Center for the Study of Representative Institutions, Yale University.
“Telos and Markets.” January 2021
Annual Calihan Lecture, The Acton Institute.
“Manners and Markets.” October 2020
Lecture, Department of Politics, Busch School of Business, Institute for Human Ecology, The Catholic University of America

Podcast, In the Trenches
“Burke’s Smith Problem & Academic Careers.” July 2020
Seminar, Hertog Foundation. “Burke” July 2020
Podcast, ACF Movie.
William F. Buckley Program.
“The Limits of the Invisible Hand and Doux Commerce.” February 2020
Adam Smith Program, George Mason University (Fairfax, VA).
Colloquium and Seminar, Ashbrook Center, Ashland University.
Scholars Workshop, Abigail Adams Institute (Cambridge, MA)“What Edmund Burke Can Teach You About Market Economies.” February 2019
Seminar, Political Economy Project, Dartmouth College.“Edmund Burke on Commerce, Virtue, and Civilization.” October 2018
Phronesis Luncheon Series, Elm Institute (New Haven, CT).