Book Endorsements II

Endorsements for Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke’s Political Economy

“Gregory Collins has done students of Edmund Burke a true service with his excellent new book.”
Ryan Patrick Hanley Boston College

“Groundbreaking…thoughtful and comprehensive.”
Daniel Mahoney Assumption College

“[An] excellent study of Edmund Burke’s political economy.”
Anna Plassart The Open University

“[A] real and significant achievement.”
Brandon Turner Clemson University

“[Collins] is probably most important living authority on Burke outside of England today and in his new book Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke’s Political Economy, he provides a thorough account of Burke’s thought on the issues with which the one-term MP but long-time civil servant grappled with from the Irish question to the British East India Company, from the American colonies to the terror of the French Revolution (the last of which he saw much clearer than any of his contemporaries.”
Paul Tuns The Interim

“[A]n excellent and much-needed analysis of Burke’s economic thought.”
Lauren Hall Rochester Institute of Technology

Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke’s Political Economy will likely become a classic among Burke scholarship, and it deserves to take this place because of the rigor of Collin’s research but also the interest that people will likely take in his argument.’
Nayeli Riano VoegelinView

“…[I]lluminating, thorough and scholarly work…”
Renee Prendergast Journal of the History of Economic Thought

“[A]n indispensable resource.’
Brad Littlejohn The American Conservative

“[A] massive work of scholarship.”
Stephen Davies American Institute for Economic Research

“Gregory Collins has engaged in a remarkable act of recovery by repositioning political economy at the center of Burke’s thought.”
Patrick Walsh Trinity College Dublin

“Collins has produced a work of impressive bulk that not only sheds light on many neglected aspects of Burke’s career and writing but also presents extensive statistical data on eighteenth-century trade volumes and price fluctuations…The book is…strikingly original in its organization.”
Ross Carroll Perspectives on Politics