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George Bealer

Selected Published Papers

Logic, Philosophy of Language, and Metaphysics

An Inconsistency in Direct Reference Theory




Universals and Properties

A Solution to Frege’s Puzzle

On the Identification of Properties and Propositional Functions

Completeness in the Theory of Properties, Relations and Propositions

Theories of Properties, Relations, and Propositions


Origins of Modal Error

Modal Epistemology and the Rationalist Renaissance

Theory of the A Priori

The Incoherence of Empiricism

A Priori Knowledge and the Scope of Philosophy

Philosophical Limits of Scientific Essentialism

Philosophy of Mind

Fregean Equivocation and Ramsification on Sparse Theories


Mental Properties

Materialism and the Logical Structure of Intentionality

Unpublished Manuscripts

“Knowledge Without Limits: A Semantical Paradox”

“New Definitions of Necessity and Possibility”

“Necessity Is Analyticity: A Proof”

“A New Theory of Concepts and the Solution to Frege’s Puzzle”

“Philosophy, Physics, and Intuition”

“Ramsification and Intensionality”

“Possibilist Language With Actualist Ontology”

“Hartry Field’s Nominalism”

“The Mind-Body Problem”

“Mental Causation”

“Gödel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem”

“In Defense of Abundant, vs. Sparse, Non-well-Founded Set Theories”


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