Field Course in Primate Ecology and Behavior

I have taught a field course reviewing methods in recording primate ecology and behavior at Boces Del Toro, Panama.  The course provides baseline data on primate biology, tropical ecology, behavioral observation strategies and recording/analyzing data, documenting tropical forest floral/faunal diversity and primate-preferred feeding species, and conservation myths and realities (to borrow a phrase).  I’ve taught this class for the Institute of Tropical Ecology and Conservation, and for the Yale Summer School.  I’ve also brought a student to Mainaro to work on a mangabey project, and hope to continue bringing students out there.


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Lecturer & Classes

I have been fortunate to offer classes at multiple colleges and universities while working at Yale University.  I’ve taught in both Anthropology and Biology departments, and covered courses in biological anthropology, human evolution, animal behavior, tropical ecology, and honors-level seminars.  See my cv for details.