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Due to the numerous time zones we are working with, we are providing a list of times for each session with reference points in the US, Europe, and Australia.



We have also created a preset calendar containing all the events, which you can download and import to your personal Google/Apple/Outlook/etc calendars. Doing so will automatically adjust the events to your local time. We hope this will alleviate some of the confusion that comes with virtual conferences held across many time zones!


Session 1: Historical Linguistics & Multilingualism I
Chair: David Nash

Sound changes in Warlmanpa [Slides]
Mitchell Browne, University of Queensland

Aboriginal linguistic exchange in Darwin [Slides]
John Mansfield, University of Melbourne

Liquid anomaly: r-initial words in Warlpiri [Slides]
David Nash, Australian National University

Session 2: Historical Linguistics & Multilingualism II
Chair: Rebecca Defina

Verb inflections from nominal suffixes in Australian languages [Handout]
Harold Koch, Australian National University

A conversation about sound change
Luisa Miceli, University of Western Australia
Erich Round, University of Surrey [Paper]
Claire Bowern, Yale University [Paper]

A comparative study of empathic tokens in four Australian languages
Ilana Mushin, University of Queensland
Joe Blythe, Macquarie University
Josh Dahmen, Macquarie University
Caroline de Dear, Macquarie University
Rod Gardner, University of Queensland

Learning to hear an Indigenous language
Ruth Singer, University of Melbourne

Session 3: Linguist Helpdesk
Chair: Juhyae Kim

Mirniny phonology and sketch grammar: A discussion on findings of Mirniny language, including phonology, morphology and grammar
Jackie Coffin, Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Open session for linguists to discuss data

Session 4: Semantics & Spatial Language I
Chair: Christina Ringel

A poster about… y’know…. filler terms [Video presentation] | [Slides]
Alice Gaby, Monash University

Does Pintupi-Luritja ‘tjinguru’ mean ‘maybe’? Maybe [Slides]
James Gray, Australian National University

Talking about directions in Australian languages [Slides]
Bill Palmer, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Joe Blythe, Macquarie University
Alice Gaby, Monash University
Claire Hill, Western Sydney University; University of New South Wales
Dorothea Hoffmann, The Language Conservancy
Maia Ponsonnet, University of Western Australia

Session 5: Semantics & Spatial Language II
Chair: Alice Gaby

Lexical semantic maps across a single cognate set: An investigation of Pama-Nyungan *kana [Video presentation]
Dylan Hughes, Monash University

Smurfs, ducks, lemurs, and party terms in the quest of Australian languages
Martin Benjamin, Kamusi Project International

OzSpace: The sociotopography of language, landscape and culture in Australia [Slides]
Bill Palmer, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Joe Blythe, Macquarie University
Margaret Carew, Northern Territory Department of Education
Thomas Ennever, Monash University
Alice Gaby, Monash University
Claire Hill, Western Sydney University; University of New South Wales
Dorothea Hoffmann, The Language Conservancy
Laurits Knudsen, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Maia Ponsonnet, University of Western Australia
Eleanor Yacopetti, University of Western Australia

Session 6: Semantics & Syntax/Morphology
Chair: Juhyae Kim

Conjoined comparatives in Warlpiri [Slides]
Margit Bowler, University of Manchester

Evidentiality in Australian languages with a focus on Miriwoong [Slides]
Christina Ringel, University of Cologne/TU Dortmund

Understanding morphosyntactic variation in a temporally and spatially representative Warlpiri corpus. A preliminary report on word order in clauses [Video presentation][Slides]
Maria Vollmer, University of Freiburg; Australian National University; Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language

Session 7: Syntax/Morphology
Chair: Ruth Singer

Clause chains in Western Desert [Slides]
Rebecca Defina, University of Melbourne

Variation in the expression of possession in Pitjantjatjara
Sasha Wilmoth, University of Melbourne

Session 8: Language Documentation & Reclamation
Chair: Claire Bowern

Doing Ganalbiŋu language along the journey of ancestral beings [Poster]
Peter Girrirkirrir Malibirr, Ganalbiŋu Clan Nation
Ellen Gapany Gaykamaŋu, Gupapuyŋu Clan Nation
Yasunori Hiyashi, Charles Darwin University Yolŋu Studies Centre

Kullilli Reclamation Project [Slides]
Toby Adams, Co-founder of Kullilli Ngulkana
Claire Bowern, Yale University
Juhyae Kim, Yale University
Sam Lopez, Yale University
Alida Schefers, Pomona College

Revitalistics is not Documentary Linguistics
Ghil’ad Zuckermann, The University of Adelaide


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