Frances McCall Rosenbluth

Department of Political Science                                 49 Deepwood Drive
Yale University                                                           Hamden, CT  06517
New Haven, CT  06520                                              203 687 9585
203 432 4449


Columbia University, Ph.D. in Political Science, 1988.
School of International and Public Affairs, M.A., May 1983.
East Asian Institute Certificate, December 1982.

University of Tokyo, 1985-1986.

Inter-University Center, Tokyo, 1981-1982.

University of Virginia, B.A., Highest Distinction, 1980.
Major in Government and Foreign Affairs.


2007 –  Damon Wells Professor of International Politics, Yale University.

1994 – Professor, Department of Political Science, Yale University.

1992 to 1994 – Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, UCLA.

1989 to 1992 – Assistant Professor, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UCSD.

1988 to 1989 – Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia


National Merit Scholar (1976), National Research Scholarship for language study (1981-1982), Columbia University Presidential Fellowship, 1982-1984, Fulbright Scholarship (1985-1987), Social Science Research Council Dissertation Write-up Grant (1987-1988), National Science Foundation, (1991-1992), Council on Foreign Relations Fellowship (1998-1999), Abe Foundation Fellowship (2001-2002), American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2008), John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (2010-2011), Victoria Schuck Prize for Best Book in Gender and Politics (with Torben Iversen, 2012), Heinz Eulau Prize for Best Article in the American Political Science Review (with Carles Boix, 2015), Lex Hixon ’63 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Social Sciences, Yale College (2017), William Clyde DeVane Medal for Teaching Excellence in Yale College (2018).



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Edited Books:

(with John Ferejohn).  2010.  War and State Building in Medieval Japan.  Stanford: Stanford University Press.

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Work in Progress:

(with Seiki Tanaka and Rieko Kage).  “The Business of Immigration.” Under review.

(with Margaret Peters, Seiki Tanaka, and Rieko Kage).  “Caregiving and Immigration” Under review.

(with Trevor Incerti, Dan Mattingly, Seiki Tanaka, and Jiahua Yue).  “Democratic and Authoritarian Versions of Nationalism:  Survey Experiments in China and Japan.”

(with Gareth Nellis and Michael Weaver).  “Time is Money.”