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Federalism in South Asia Venue: Room 203 | Luce Hall | 34 Hillhouse Avenue

FRIDAY – April 26, 2019

Welcome and Opening Remarks (1:45–2pm) — Steven Wilkinson, Yale University

Panel 1: Federalism in Pakistan (2- 3:30pm) (Chair: Donald L. Horowitz)

Niloufer Siddiqui (SUNY-Albany), Conflict in Pakistan’s Provinces (2-2:20pm)

Maryam Khan (Wisconsin), Political Origins of Pakistan’s Federal Constitution (1973) (2:20- 2:40pm)

Asad Liaqat (Harvard), Support for Decentralization and New Provinces in the Pakistani Federation (2:40-3pm) Discussion: 3-3:30pm



SATURDAY, April 27, 2019 Breakfast (8:00–9:00am) – Luce Hall Common Room

Panel 2: Federalism and Party Politics in India (9-10:30am) (Chair: Steven Wilkinson)

K.K. Kailash (Hyderabad), Federalization of Political System in India (9-9:20am)

Gareth Nellis (UCSD), India’s federal party system (9:20-9:40am)

Discussion 10-10:30am

Panel 3: Federalism and Inequality (10:45-12:15pm) (Chair: Emily Sellars)

Rahul Mukherji (Heidelberg), Federalism and Anti-Poverty Measures: MNREGA in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh (co-authors: Hossein Zarhani, Himanshu Jha) (10:45-11:05am)

Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale), Federalism, decentralization and the Politics of Poison: Elite Capture of Clean Water in Bangladesh (11:05-11:25am)

Pavithra Suryanarayan (JHU SAIS), The historical roots of state inequality in India (11:25- 11:45am)

Discussion 11:45-12:15pm

Panel 4: Federalism and Inequality (1:15-2:10pm) (Chair: Bethany Lacina)

Rakesh Basant (IIMA) Federalism and Inequality: India’s Minorities (1:15-1:35pm)

Gautam Nair (Yale) Federalism and Freebies: The political logic of inefficient state transfers (1:35-1:55pm)

Discussion: 1:55-2:15pm

Panel 5: Fiscal Federalism in India (2:30-4pm) (Chair: Katharine Adeney)

Rakesh Mohan, (2:30-3pm)

Arvind Subramanian (3-3:30pm)

Discussion: 3:30-4pm

Panel 6: Federalism and Conflict Resolution (4-5pm) (Chair: Steven Wilkinson)

Katharine Adeney (Nottingham), Federalism and Conflict (4-4:20pm)

Bethany Lacina (Rochester), Federalism in South Asia and the North East (4:20:4:40pm)

Discussion: 4:40-5pm



SUNDAY, April 28 Breakfast (9.00-9:30am) – Luce Hall Common Room

Panel 7: Federalism and its problems (9:30-11AM) (Chair: Bethany Lacina)

Donald Horowitz (Duke), Devolutions: Its Functions and Frictions (9:30-9:50am)

Arijit Sen (Brown), Federalism in Assam (9:50-10:10am)

Binalakshmi Nepram (CT College), Federalism in Manipur (10:10-10:30am)

Discussion: 10:30-11am

Panel 8: Federalism and Constitution (11:15-12:35pm) (Chair: David Engerman)

Devesh Kapur, Federalism and the Indian State (with Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Arvind Subramanian) (11:55-12:15pm)

Rohit De, India’s federal constitution (12:15-12:35pm)

Discussion: 12:35-12:55pm