Sensory Box

Sensory Box ItemsHere at the Yale Center for British Art, the Education Department does as much as possible to provide a comfortable environment for children on the autism spectrum. As part of this effort, we keep a Sensory Box in our Docent Room at all times. Our Sensory Box consists of various tactile toys which are made available to any child at any point during their visit to the museum. If situations become too overwhelming, a sensory toy may help to soothe and comfort a child. The Box especially comes in handy during our Exploring Artism programs. To get an idea of the types of toys we put in our Sensory Box, here is the Amazon link to many of the items that the Education Department keeps. Sensory toys can also be found at craft stores or in toy departments at chain stores. Check out the pictures of some of our Sensory Box items to find inspiration for your own Sensory Box.  Sensory Box with Blue Worm Sensory Box

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