Jackson Pollock Action Painting

two children walking and dripping paint on black paper
Painting – artists in action.

With snow on the ground the day before spring started, participants in the Center’s March 19 Exploring Artism program learned about Jackson Pollock and action painting. After learning about Pollock’s techniques and watching Hans Namuth’s Jackson Pollock film, the participants listened to jazz and made their own “controlled in-doors” action paintings.

Everyone was having fun making art.
Everyone helped to create a larger, wall sized artwork.

In the end, everyone left with a better understanding of Jackson Pollock, thanks to looking at his artworks, watching Namuth’s film, and reading Action Jackson.

Discussing the finished works.
Artists discussing their finished works.

Our next Exploring Artism will be on Saturday, April 16 at Chapel Haven. We look forward to seeing you.

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