Collage Inspired Artwork!

For 2014’s last Exploring Artism session at the YCBA, families looked at works in the collection that used collage. Participants created their own collage of colors, shapes, and textures with were inspired by what they saw in the galleries. 

We began our session by talking about shapes: What shapes can you name? What shapes can you draw? Participants worked on this warm-up activity.

With this particular gallery activity, each participant was able to use the iPad to create their own artwork. Using the app, Singing Fingers, participants were able to connect sounds with artworks in the galleries. Check out then Singing Fingers app here. By looking at the John Hoyland abstract paintings in the gallery and creating their own audible artworks on the iPads, participants were able to apply a multi-sensory approach to looking at the artworks.

Our next gallery activity involved using large foam shapes to discuss layering and composition within a painting. Each participant was given a set of shapes of varying size, shape, and color. Working collaboratively, the whole group was able to create a composition using different shapes and ideas. After each participant placed their shape within the group composition,they were asked why they made the decision to place their shape where they did. The group was asked to discuss the final composition in comparison to the Hoyland work.

Back in the Docent Room, participants were able to create their own permanent abstract collage using foam and felt shapes, string, and puff balls. Each individual collage was a unique mix of textures, shapes and color. Each participant had the chance to share their final composition with the rest of the group.



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