Artism Explores Antarctica!

In our most recent Exploring Artism session at Chapel Haven, participants and their families explored chilly Antarctica through photographs of landscape and animals.

Iceberg coloring bookAs a warm-up, everyone colored the photo above. Then, in preparation for our final group composition, we placed two large sheets of deli paper against the wall. The top piece of paper was left white (for the snowy land) and everyone worked together to paint the lower piece of paper a watery blue (for the water).
|Tracing the Landscape
Looking at Animals

After our introductions and review of the schedule, we looked at THIS PowerPoint of Antarctic landscape and animals. We asked questions about what we saw in these images: What do we see in these images? What colors? What shapes? What animals? Describe what you see on the animal? 

Next, we decided to make some of our own animals to populate the glacial landscape we created at the beginning of our session. First, each participant selected the animal that they wanted to create. Here were our animal templates: Small Seal, Whale, Elephant Seal, and Penguin. In order to add a 3D aspect to our arctic scene, participants were asked to cut out two outlines of their animal, but only decorate one. Then, once participants finished decorating their animal, we began stapling the two cutouts together along the edges (with the decorated animal on the outside). Before the cutout was stapled all the way around, participants stuffed the animal with plastic garbage bags (or grocery bags) to give their creature a more lifelike appearance. Each participant was then asked to place their animal somewhere on the Antarctic landscape. The Water and Landscape
Stuffed Animals on the landscape

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