Modeling the Armory

Our model was a hit with kids, who enjoyed making and arranging small dioramas that represented new programs and activities that could be inserted into the spaces of the Armory.

The model was built in the Urban Research & Representation seminar at Yale School of Architecture.  A group effort to design and build the model was led by Evan Sale.  Prinyanka Sheth developed the diorama pieces and many students facilitated the model shop during Armory weekend.  We’d like to continue to use this model in conversations around the future of the Armory.  If you’d like to arrange a Model Workshop, please contact

At one point there was a rock climbing wall, video arcade, and even a small amusement park clustered in the Drill Hall.  Goffe Armory as Fun Palace.

An idea for a mobile skate park is inserted into Hall.

It could get crowded in there at times.  At this point there is a cafe and flower market on the roof of the Head House, along with a Pet Shop and Sports & Fitness room on the third floor of the west wing, among many other things.  Oh, and don’t forget the Heliport on the roof, complete with Helicopter.


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