Evidential Language in the Social Production of Open-Source Intelligence on #UFOTwitter

A talk by Graham Jones, Professor of Anthropology at MIT. Graham will share his current research on the circulation of UFO evidence on twitter.

As this is the first event of the year, this talk will be followed by food and drinks in the same room. So that we order enough, please fill out this RSVP Form

Graham Jones is a cultural and linguistic anthropologist who explores how people use language and other media to enact expertise in practice, performance, and interaction. His two monographs constitute a diptych:  Trade of the Tricks: Inside the Magician’s Craft (California, 2011) describes day-to-day life and everyday talk within the insular subculture of contemporary French illusionists; Magic’s Reason: An Anthropology of Analogy (Chicago, 2017) examines the meaning of magic in Western modernity, shuttling between the intellectual history of anthropology and the cultural history of popular entertainment.  Alongside these books, he has a third set of projects investigating how language and culture shape, and are in turn shaped by, the way people use technologies of digital communication.


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