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Linguistic anthropology does not constitute an independent subfield in Yale’s Department of Anthropology, and those interested in graduate work predominantly in that subfield are advised to seek out other programs. However, language-related courses like those listed below are offered on a regular basis for both graduate and undergraduate students who recognize the importance of language for anthropological fieldwork and ethnography.

2015-16 Courses

ANTH333/533: Bilingualism in social context

The linguistic phenomenon of bilingualism presented through social issues inseparably linked to it: growth and change in bilingual communities;  usage,  identity, and allegiance;  interactional significance of bilingual speech repertoire use.

ANTH205  Language, culture & identity

Introduction to the role of language in the constitution of gendered, class, ethnic, and national identities. Ethnographic and linguistic case studies are combined with theoretical and comparative approaches.

ANTH413/533 Language, culture, & ideology  (as is)

ANTH432/632  Politics of language

Language difference and language inequality as symbols and shapers of political dynamics and social change in plural societies. Comparative, theoretical, and ethnographic approaches to the politics of sociolinguistic difference, with case studies focused on specific issues. Topics include “problems” of substandard languages, bilingual identities, ethnic and national identity, and globalization and language shift.

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