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In Fall 2020, undergraduate and graduate students in classes taught by Professors Daniel HoSang, Leah Mirakhor, Lisa Lowe, and Rod Ferguson collaborated on Public Praxis, a pilot project that seeks to bring the ideas, texts, insights, speakers and debates that are typically restricted to students enrolled in a single class to wider audiences and publics. It is a modest effort to contest the privatized forms of teaching, learning, and knowledge production which organize the contemporary university. In this way, it follows a long tradition of strategies, practices and commitments of popular education that prioritizes public and democratic forms of writing, intellectual exchange and engagement. Check out the site here.

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In Professor Quan Tran’s seminar “Comparative Ethnic Studies” (ER&M 300, Fall 2020), students learned about the rich histories of New Haven’s African American and Latinx communities through virtual walking tours created by 11th and 12th students at Metropolitan Business Academy. The tours’ co-creators–E’moni Cotten, Dameon Dillard, and their teacher Nataliya Braginsky–also visited the seminar to share their thoughts with the class. An abridged transcript of the visit can be found here.

In Professor Daniel HoSang’s seminar “Afro-Asian Formations of Race” (ER&M350, Spring 2020), students explored the relational, comparative and intersectional scholarship on racial identity, racial formation, and race-based social movements through the relationship of Afro-Asian diasporas across place and time. The class documented their exciting and provocative learning experiences, completed with amazing guest speakers and dynamic term projects. Check out their wonderful course website!

Field trips are excellent opportunities to enhance student learning experiences and reinforce course contents. Taking advantage of the rich educational resources at Yale, students in Professor Quan Tran’s seminar “Comparative Ethnic Studies” (ER&M 300, Spring 2020) enjoyed in-person and virtual field trips to the Yale Repertory Theatre’s excellent production of Manahatta, the Yale Center for British Art, and the Place, Nations, Generations, Beings Exhibition at the Yale University Arts Gallery.


Since the 2016-2017 academic year, students enrolled in “History and Culture of Cuba” (ER&M 293), a seminar co-taught by Professors Albert Laguna and Reinaldo Funes-Monzote, typically embark on a 2-week field trip to Cuba during spring break. Highlights of the trip in Havana include visits to the Museum of the Revolution, the Museo de Bellas Artes, Old Havana, and the colonial Morro Fort. Students also attend lectures delivered by Cuban historians, economists, environmentalists, and sociologists. Through these opportunities, students get to learn and experience Cuban history, culture, art, architecture, and environment in the most dynamic way as possible. More details can be found here.

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