The Yale Environmental Humanities Initiative is pleased to announce that the third Annual Graduate Symposium on the Environmental Humanities will be held at:

Room 203, 34 Hillhouse Avenue,
Henry R. Luce Hall

on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

This event will bring together the Yale and New Haven-area community working on the environmental humanities. The symposium’s goals are to showcase scholarship in progress, foster exchange between students, faculty, and others working across diverse fields, and explore the unifying questions and problems in the study of the environmental humanities.

The environmental humanities constitute a wide-ranging interdisciplinary field that brings together the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Its goal is to integrate conversations in a variety of subfields including, but not limited to, environmental history, cultural geography, political ecology, science and technology studies, ecocriticism, and environmental anthropology. Ultimately, scholars in the environmental humanities hope to reshape how we consider the environment and our place in it.

This year, this interdisciplinary conference is proud to present scholars of architecture, history of art, languages and literatures, anthropology, religion, and environmental studies among other fields. We encourage interested participants to refer to previous conferences to get a sense of the kind of presentations that were made in earlier editions:

The conference schedule is available here, and abstracts of this year’s presentations may be viewed here.

For any questions, please email Abigail Fields ( or Lav Kanoi (