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“Philip Melanchthonand the Providential Body”

Fall 2020 Calendar

A Workshop for Early Modernists

The Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Lunch aims to create opportunities for graduate students and faculty to discuss one another’s research and engage in critical conversations on a variety of topics.

While Yale offers a variety of workshops that are tailored to specific topics in early modern disciplines, we feel the need of an exposure to broad themes and methods from art history, economics, history, literature, philosophy, sociology, and political science.

The working group is, at its core, a forum for meaningful interactions among those who are interested in the exploration of early modern worlds. Connecting ideas and concepts across a variety of disciplinary boundaries results in more thorough and productive knowledge creation: collaborative group discussions permit the discovery of creative solutions to challenging questions and projects. In gathering Yale’s early modern community in a single workshop, we hope to encourage interdisciplinary thinking, and creatively and analytically embrace new ideas.


Esteban Crespo-Jaramillo, Renaissance Studies and Spanish & Portuguese

Jennifer Strtak, Renaissance Studies and History