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Getting Started

If you think a WordPress site will right for you, here are the steps to follow in getting started:

  1. Request a personal site from Yale CampusPress
    1. Click the Sign in button and enter your Yale credentials
    2. Click the Create a Site button
    3. Fill out the form indicating site name (e.g., your name), site title, email address, etc.
    4. Select one of the Economics Professional templates (or another template) and click “Create Site” button
    5. A verification page will appear
  2. Choose and activate a theme from the Campuspress theme catalog.
  3. Update site title and tagline
  4. Choose plugins for additional functionality
  5. Create and publish pages with relevant content
  6. Organize your content using custom menus or sidebar widgets

More WordPress help guides on getting started can be found here.

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