Econ 521b: Advanced Economic Theory: Topics (2011)

9:00-10:20 T TH, 28 Hillhouse, Room 106

Dirk Bergemann
30 Hillhouse Avenue, #24
Office hours T 1:00-3:00

Juuso Valimaki
30 Hillhouse Avenue, #6
Office hours T 1:00-3:00

Topic: This course covers selected topics in the economics of information and uncertainty. The first part of the course will cover the theory of mechanism design and some of its applications. The second part of the course will cover some recent papers in communication and learning.

Course Requirements: This course has five basic requirements. They are: (i) reading the assigned papers before the presentation in class, (ii) solving the problem sets, (iii) presenting one research paper, (iv) writing six referee reports (before the presentation of the papers) and (v) writing a term paper. The assignments will be given biweekly. Class participation, assignments, and the term paper will jointly determine the final grade. The due date for the term paper is Monday, May 16th, 4pm in the mailbox of Professor Dirk Bergemann.

Readings: The current reading list will be completed as the class proceeds.

Syllabus: The complete syllabus.


1/11-1/13 (JV): Efficient Mechanism Design

1/18-1/20 (JV): Correlated and Interdependent Values

1/25-1/27 (JV): Dynamic Mechanisms

2/1-2/3 (DB): Epistemic Solution Concepts

2/8-2/10 (DB/PS): Bandit Problems and Optimal Stopping

2/15-2/17 (DB): Robust Mechanism Design

Robust Mechanism Design

Robust Implementation:

2/22-2/24 (DB): Application and Robust Predictions

Robust Predictions in Incomplete Information Games

3/1-3/3 (DB): Robust Tax Policy and Bayesian Persuasion

3/22-3/24 (DB): Coarse Matching

  • presented by Yingni Guo And Dongkyu Chang:

Kamenica and Gentzkow: Competition

3/29-3/31 (DB): Information Market/Algorithms
Orgaization Economics, Information Sharing, Consulting

  • presented by Adam Kapor and Sofia Moroni:

McAfee and Hoppe, Moldovanu and Ozdenoren

Slides of HMO

4/5-4/7 (JV): Bayesian Learning

4/12-4/14 (JV): Social Learning

4/19-4/21 (JV): Information Aggregation

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