Demos is dedicated to educating local elementary students in the basic sciences while showing that science is both fun and accessible. We currently offer two separate programs. To volunteer for Demos, take a look at our programs and decide which you are interested in. Applications can be found at the start of each semester in Apply. More information on the commitments necessary for each activity is listed below, along with several frequently asked questions. Please send all questions or requests for volunteer opportunities to Colin Yap.

Weekly Classroom Program

The weekly classroom program is our most popular program with Yale students. Two- or three-person teams are matched with a classroom in a New Haven local elementary school. The teams visit the class once per week to teach a basic scientific concept to their students, using interactive demos and other hands-on activities. A detailed protocol for the demos and accompanying bag of materials is supplied at the start of each week in the Demos closet in Dwight Hall.

  • Time commitment: One hour per week of teaching, plus extra time for travel (we will find a time which fits your schedule).
  • Volunteers are expected to be able to commit every week and must let their class and teammate(s) know beforehand if they have an emergency and are not available a certain week.
  • Volunteers may choose their partners – perhaps a friend or roommate – or have them assigned randomly.
  • An orientation is provided at the start of each semester to explain logistics and provide basic teacher training to volunteers.
  • Not a science major? Don’t worry! This is fun, elementary school science. We make lava lamps, silly putty, and ice cream. It’s a blast for everyone who loves fun and children!


Demos is the proud owner of a traveling, inflatable planetarium. Starlab volunteers teach about constellations, Greek mythology, planets, comets, star formations, and more to deepen the students’ understanding of our universe.

  • Time commitment: About 2.5 hours per show, and about 3-5 shows per semester.
  • Starlab events usually occur on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, but other days of the week are open according to availability of volunteers.
  • Starlab visits a variety of different schools for each show, in stead of going to the same classroom each week.
  • A brief training session, led by the Starlab coordinators, will be provided for the volunteers to teach the essentials of using the state-of-the-art night sky projector (45 minute maximum before the show or during orientation at the start of the semester).