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Executive Board (2024 – 2025)



Colin Yap

Colin is a senior in Jonathan Edwards college, majoring in chemistry. He spent the summer of 2017 as an instructor at Zoo Camp at the San Francisco Zoo, and so can tell you how many ossicones a giraffe has and what an egg-laying mammal is called. He really loves the supercut of every time Bob from “Bob’s Burgers” says “oh my God” and feels himself to be most in tune, spiritually, to the 32nd “oh my God” in that video.


Vice President

Tiffany AjumobiTiffany is a junior in Trumbull college majoring in Neuroscience, and she was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Outside of Yale DEMOS, she enjoys working with children. In her free time, she loves baking and hanging with her friends!



Demi Tega
Demi is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College. He is a pre-med student majoring in economics. Outside of the classroom, Demi loves playing and watching soccer, dancing with the step team, and all foods with high sugar content.

School Coordinators

Jason Weinstein

Jason is a junior in Davenport College. He is currently studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology while pursuing a pre-med track. In his free time, Jason loves dancing on the Latin dance team, playing tennis, and unapologetically quoting SpongeBob.


Aden Goolsbee

Bio and photo incoming!

Protocols Coordinators

Guna Mandava

Bio and photo incoming!

Neeha Kothapalli 

Bio and photo incoming!

Starlab Coordinators

Nat KermanNat is an Astrophysics major in the Yale (Pauli Murray) class of 2020. He grew up in the New Haven area, but now his family lives near Buffalo, NY. He is a passionate amateur astronomer, meaning his biggest hobby is stargazing and using the same telescopes we demonstrate at many Starlab events. He also loves education and outreach in astronomy and science as a whole!



Annika Salmi

Bio and photo incoming!

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