My suffrage begins with a miniature, which I believe should be indicated in our digital edition. I would tag this with a combination of div and desc in the following way:

<div type=”miniature”> <desc type=”miniature”> This miniature depicts… </desc> </div>

Content Markers

I would suggest that we include content markers for each suffrage’s title and subsections. I would use an individual div to encompass each suffrage, placing its title in the <head> tag (perhaps in combination with the <title> tag) and placing its constituent parts (versiculus, responsum, etc.) in subordinate divs: <div type=”versiculus”> (or =”V”), <div type=”responsum”> (or =”R”), etc. Based on the general format of the suffrages, I believe this should not cause div nesting problems.

Decorated Initials

I would suggest, in accordance with Handout 7-2, that we use <hi rend=”…”> for this purpose, in conjunction with a <desc type=”initial”> tag to offer more detail on the decoration in question.

Rubricated Words and Initials

I would suggest that we use the <hi rend=”red”> tag here (for both single letters and full suffrage titles).

Touched Initials

My suffrage also includes a number of “touched” initials with additional strokes in colors other than that of the primary text. I believe that the tag <hi rend=”touched”>, perhaps with further color specification (e.g., <hi rend=”touched-red”>), would suit this purpose well.