The manuscript is decorated with seven larger scale figural and twenty-four smaller non-figural initials. The borders and in the case of the pages with figural initials also the bas-de-page are decorated with vines and vegetal motifs. The illuminations are attributed to the so-called Maître François, active between 1462 and 1480. The materials are tempera and gold on parchment. Some damage on the upper corners can be observed, which is most visible on pages with decorated upper borders. Touch marks can be noted especially on ff. 171v, 172r, 176v. 

The figural illuminations are: St Michael (171v), John the Baptist (172r), Peter and Paul (173r), St James (not specified, but it is the Greater given his iconography) (174r), Martyrdom of St Sebastian (175v), St Anthony (176v), Mary Magdalene (177v).