Month: September 2019

Pre-Workshop Tasks

1. Read this article: Lou Burnard. “On the hermeneutic implications of text encoding.” Domenico Fiormonte and Jonathan Usher (eds.) New Media and the Humanities: Research and Applications. Oxford: Humanities Computing Unit, 2001. 31-38.
2. Read this article: Amanda Gailey. “A Case for Heavy Editing: The Example of Race and Children’s Literature in the Gilded Age.” Amy E. Earhart and Andrew Jewell (eds.) The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age. University of Michigan Press, 2011. (Attached to
the email you received.)
3. Once you have read the articles, post a short (100 word or so) reflection on them on our CampusPress class website, under the tab “Pre-Workshop Reflections.” Feel free to comment on others’ reflections, too. Select “Pre-Workshop Reflections” as the category of your post so it appears here!

When you have finished your catalogue data . . .

. . . please add a new post and select “catalogue data” as the category so it will appear here.

It is fine if it is not completely polished yet —- just post what you have!

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