1. Decorated Initials: These seem to function as clear markers in the roll. The one in my section seems fairly standard. I like Carley’s suggestion to use <figureDesc>. At the same time, I wonder if there might already be an agreed upon convention as to how to mark these as they seem like a recurring feature in many mss.

2. Colored initials: Red and blue colored initials with distinct shapes. We could use <hi rend=“color”> to indicate the color, and <figureDesc> to show that the initials are slightly larger and in a different font than the adjacent scripts.

3. Short red lines across words: I’m not entirely sure what these are (corrections? sentence breaks?), but some words are crossed out with red strokes either horizontally or vertically. The orientation of the strokes might be indicated?

4. Colors of scripts: Latin and Middle English passages that are in red. <hi rend=“red”>

5. Damaged section: A smudge that straddles two lines. <damage> to indicate the location of the smudge. <unclear> for the parts of the words that are illegible.