MIDDLE ENGLISH – I would like the Middle English portions of this MS Roll to be individually searchable. I think we should use the xml:lang attribute in a div tag for these portions. As well as the <hi> tag for the red color. Something like this:

<div xml:lang=“enm”>
           <hi rend=“red”>
                    And also the uertuys of thys<lb/> oryson kan no man telle. For
                    Seynt paule ma<lb/>te hyt by inspiracion of the holy gost.
                   <!– text until end of ME portion –>



Not all of the red text is ME, though, and I wonder if there is a more specific, unique, and compact tag for the ME portions. Also are we using <lb/> or <l> </l> more frequently?


PEOPLE – From my selection, at least, this text seems to allude to the origins of these prayers and legitimates them by attaching them to religious figures (e.g. St. Paul above). I think we should use the <rs> for this (e.g. <rs type=”person”> Seynt paule</rs>) but I would like to be more specific for those looking for actions attributed to important figures.


DECORATED INITIALS – The decorated initials are pretty regular in their design, but are of two different sizes, so we should maybe use <hi rend=”d1”>D</hi> as well as <hi rend=”d2”>d</hi>

And <hi rend=”a1”>A</hi> with the <desc type=“initial”> tag appended to it. 


DAMAGE TYPES – Damage and type of damage, I think, will be an important descriptor for this roll. We can use the <damage agent=”*type of damage*”> tag to be more descriptive of the types of damage on the manuscript (triangle at the beginning, red blob, dark abrasions). How extensive should we be with these, though?

<P> and <AB> – There are paragraph rubrications in this text and we should reserve <p> for those rubrications and not for the ME portions, which are of a different textual register in the context of this roll.