Potential Markups

1) Damage to parchment with minor loss of text. Indicating placement of damage may add to our understanding of the physical history of the roll, particularly patterns of interaction between reader and text in the handling of the scroll. <damage>

2) Decorated initial with drawing of a face. This is an interesting decorative element that is both connected to  the text of the prayer, and part is of the margin. <figure> <additions>

3) Brief description of contents of this section of text. Pulling out key themes would help people navigate quickly through the text, and also help to connect this scroll to related texts in other sources. <summary>

4) The insertion of a single line of Latin into a section in English. There is a change of ink color near the end of one line that continues into the following line and ends in the center. Color changes like this that do not neatly line up with the start and end of a line occur infrequently in this scroll. <hi>

5) Abbreviations vs. expanded text. Noting which kinds of abbreviations are used could be useful to people interested in the way the words of the prayer are communicated in text, and could add to our knowledge of the early provenance of the scroll. <abbr>