At UCSB I will teach courses on migration, Middle Eastern politics, and causal inference.

During graduate school I served as teaching assistant and section leader for graduate courses in quantitative research methodology, comparative politics, and international relations.

  • “Foundations of Statistical Inference” with Peter Aronow (Yale, spring 2018)
  • “The Design and Analysis of Randomized Field Experiments” with Alex Coppock (Yale, spring 2017)
  • “Advanced Quantitative Methods” with Allan Dafoe (Yale, fall 2014)
  • “Political Institutions and Public Policy” with Tarek Masoud (Harvard, spring 2011)
  • “Middle Eastern Politics and Policy” with Tarek Masoud (Harvard, spring 2010)
  • “International Relations: Theory and Practice” with Stephen Walt and Matthew Baum (Harvard, fall 2010)

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