Pitchbook Update: What to do when your account expires on May 31

Individual Pitchbook accounts will expire on Monday, May 31. Current students, faculty, and staff at Yale University can continue to use Pitchbook by re-registering their accounts. 

To get started, visit the PitchBook at Yale page while on the Yale Network (On a campus computer, Yale Secure Wi-Fi or Yale VPN) and click on the “Create an Account” link.

When re-registering your account, use your @yale.edu email address.  A new password is required.  After the registration process is complete, saved searches and lists will remain available in individual account profiles.

If you continue to receive a message stating that your access has expired when attempting to log into the PitchBook at Yale site, clear your cache or cookies and try visiting the page again.

Please note: Individual accounts are still limited to 10 downloads per day and 25 downloads per month.  (1 downloads = 1 row of data on an Excel file.)  Faculty may request enhanced content with higher download limits for an additional charge.

Have questions or need additional assistance?  Contact us at business.reference@yale.edu

April 2021: New Industry and Market Research Reports Available at Yale Library

Yale University Library provides access to various market research and industry reports from notable publishers and research firms.

Here’s what’s new this month:

BCC Research
Market research reports and market forecasting in advanced materials, biotechnology, chemicals, energy, healthcare, sensors, plastics, nanotechnology, and other emerging technologies.

  • Corporate Wellness: Global Markets
  • Excipients in Pharmaceuticals: Global Markets to 2026
  • Topical Pain Relief Market

CFRA Industry Surveys – Available via S&P NetAdvantage or Capital IQ

Provides in-depth analyses of more than 50 industries. Includes information on current industry environment, trends, key ratios & statistics, and a summary of how the industry operates. Each report also features the “How to Analyze a Company in this Industry” section.

  • Capital Markets
  • Consumer Finance
  • Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals

Provides updated data, statistics, and analysis on the Internet, e-business, online marketing, media, and emerging technologies.

  • Analyst Take: The Outlook for US Podcast Ad Spending in 2021
  • US Ecommerce by Category 2021: How the Pandemic Reshaped the Ecommerce Landscape—and What that Means for 2021
  • US Virtual and Augmented Reality Users 2021: XR Use Expands Beyond Fun and Games

First Research Industry Reports – Available through Mergent Intellect
Reports featuring industry trends, benchmark data, and call prep questions.

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas Field Services

Frost & Sullivan
Features in-depth market research reports with strong coverage of the following industries: Aerospace & Defense, Auto & Transportation, Chemicals, Materials & Food; Electronics & Security; Environment & Building Technologies, Information & Communication Technology, and more.

  • Human Factors in Security—Global Security Awareness Training Market
  • Radical Transparency will Alter the Global Packaged Food and Beverage Industry, Outlook 2021
  • US COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics Tracker—Market Insights and Trends, H1 2021

Information Technology industry research, reports, and trends.

  • 12 Actions to Improve Your Data Quality
  • Leader Guide to Fostering Psychological Safety During a Crisis
  • Why the Voice of Society Is Getting Louder

IBISWorld Industry Reports
Industry research reports featuring key statistics, product segmentation, and outlooks/forecasts for over 700 US industries. It also includes Global, UK, China, Canada, Mexico, and US State reports.

  • Car Rental in the US
  • Cereal Production in the US
  • Global Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing

MarketResearch.com Academic
Provides access to demographic, consumer, lifestyle, and industrial product market research reports.

  • At-Home Testing: COVID-19 Trends and Future Potential
  • Meat & Poultry Products: United States
  • Smart Pill Market Outlook and Forecasts 2021 – 2028

Mintel Academic
Frequently cited research and reports for US consumer markets.

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks – US
  • Managing Common Illness – US
  • The Sustainable Consumer – US

Passport by Euromonitor
Offers global market data & research, consumer demographics, and data tables. Includes market size for over 330 consumer products, trends, and more.

  • The Coronavirus Era: Where and How Consumers Shop in Food and Nutrition
  • Towards a More Sustainable Coffee and Tea Industry
  • Where Consumers Shop for Apparel and Footwear

Due to recent system upgrades, a majority of our electronic resources now only require CAS-authentication.
However, select databases still require the Yale VPN when users are off-campus, as indicated by the VPN icon. 

As a reminder, Yale researchers are responsible for ensuring that their use complies with the publishers’ license agreements with Yale University. Learn more about our E-Resources Access and Use policies.

Library Services for SOM Graduates

As you prepare for graduation, please be aware that your eligibility for library services will change as you transition from student to alumnus.

In most cases, access to e-resources (including databases) provided by the library is contractually limited to currently enrolled students of Yale University, faculty, and staff. Graduating students will retain VPN access to our online resources through October 1, 2021.  
  1. Capital IQ accounts for graduating students will remain active through August 31, 2021 (with VPN)
  2. As alumni, access to Mergent Online, Mergent Intellect, and GoinGlobal is available through the SOM Alumni Portal at https://alumni.som.yale.edu/career/career-resources 
  3. All Yale alumni can also register for free access to JSTOR and Hein Online. Please click here to register: https://alumni.yale.edu/learn/learn-online#library-resources-and-journals

Please contact the Business and Management Librarians with questions.

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